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We are a marketing company that performs outsourced sales, marketing and corporate promotions on behalf of our clients. Instead of our clients using their own internal marketing or sales force, they outsource to us to do it for them and apply our proven marketing and sales methods to increase efficiency and profitability. Our clients provide us with the various promotions and services that we are responsible for marketing and we present them in local retailers through face-to-face marketing and customer relationship management. Our Fortune 500 clients have specific fields of expertise ranging from consumer electronics to the biggest name in satellite TV services. We complement our various clients' niche with a superior marketing and sales team that is trained to be the best in the industry.

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We are looking for entry level professionals that are willing to grow into sales, marketing, and management roles!

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Our Services

We locally represent our Fortune 500 clients by providing a high quality service.

Brand Management

We will analyze and plan how we present your product or service to the market for you.

Customer Acquisitions

Leave it to the experts. We are skilled in assisting clients in finding their target markets and building relationships with them.


We communicate with potential customers to inform them about your product or service, how it is relevant to them and ultimately, generate sales

Customer Service

Marketing is more than just securing customers for our clients, it’s about creating relationships that last.


Our face-to-face approach to marketing within the largest retailers nationwide allows us to target shoppers in a state of mind where they are expecting to spend money and are more receptive.

Customer Retention

By providing customers with exceptional experiences and customer service, they return to us time and time again, boosting our client's customer retention rate and producing a local customer base.

Management Training Program

Elite Maryland Marketing Inc. provides unlimited promotional opportunities for each individual who joins our team. These promotional opportunities are based solely on achievement, not seniority. By pushing our candidates to step outside of their comfort zones, put their newly acquired management skills from our trainings in effect, and work alongside more advanced team members to perfect them, they achieve fantastic goals in exceptionally short amounts of time.

Internship Opportunities

Our Internship program is a paid internship for college students and recent graduates who are interested in learning the inside of an established business. Interns will work closely with our staff to learn how to manage and properly run a business.

Entry Level Sales Opportunities

As an Entry Level Sales Representative you will be trained to perform marketing and sales campaigns for our fortune 100 clients (this is not door to door or telemarketing sales).

Our Management Training Program

In the Brand Ambassador phase you will learn how to effectively execute an in-store marketing campaign for one of our Fortune 500 Clients. The Brand Ambassador is usually the first line of contact for new and existing customers so a big part of the Brand Ambassador phase is customer service. Once this is learned the Brand Ambassador will then help manage their own in-store marketing campaign.

In the Corporate Trainer phase you will be responsible for multiple in-store marketing campaigns throughout the city. The Corporate Trainer will train other Brand Ambassadors and Corporate Trainers our Award Winning system. The Corporate Trainers will also help the company conduct 2nd round interviews, to help explain to potential employees what Our Company does for our Fortune 500 Clients.

The Assistant Director responsibilities turn more from in front of the scenes to more behind the scenes. The Assistant Director will start their training in learning how to do payroll, learn how to interview potential employees, learn the banking and budget. The most important role of the Assistant Director is the planning of expansion. With our globally known clients they are looking for us to grow into their massive footprint. The Assistant Director will learn how to work with the clients and plan the expansion goals.

The Market Director's role starts with Brand Management. The Market Director is responsible for in-store marketing campaigns in the territory. The Market Director will be responsible for making sure the in-store marketing campaigns represent our clients standards, along with the retail stores standards and along with Our standards. With every Market Director starting from entry level and working their way up we are able to continually deliver the results everyone is looking for year after year.

Company Culture

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